Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Number 20

Many thanks to Shari & Vari of the lovely Oslo blog The Number 20 for a recent chat!

Had a great night down at Club Jaeger last month. Derrick May was the feature headliner downstairs while Diskjokke, Gerd Janson and O. Morken held it down upstairs. 100% dope.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Need We

Second 12" from Parts Unknown OUT NOW!
Album is also available from select retailers... worldwide soon!


Juno Review:

This is 2nd single cut from the debut album "Parts Unknown" which will be released on 28 March 2011. "We Need We" on a1, this track is lovely soulful tune which remind Minnie Ripperton or Dennis Williams. "Space Shuttle"
The mid part of a trilogy of vinyl drops to accompany Parts Unknown, Eddie C's CD only album for Endless Flight, commences with the heavy soul stylings of "We Need We". Record buyers of a certain vintage will be expecting Minnie Ripperton to launch into "Black Gold Of The Sun" such is the similarity of the opening bars! There's a definite Rotary Connection vibe running through the track and it's backed with typically crunchy percussive touches from the Banff resident. This is complemented by the Norsedelic cosmiche bump of "Space Shuffle" which wouldn't sound out of place on Internasjonal. On the flip "Deepa" provides one of the most upwardly mobile moments from Parts Unknown with the crisp uptempo percussive strut underlined by a constantly building rhythmic momentum. The burning soul moog beatdown of "Listenin", delivered at head nod tempo, only serves notice of the Canadian's versatility.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

RA Exchange

Got to hang out with my old buddy Mike in Berlin a few weeks ago. We were invited to share some Southern Ontario stories with the RA gang.

Have a listen!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Do It Yourself

First 12" EP from my forthcoming album on Endless Flight is available now at all fine retailers!

Rush Hour

Turntable Lab Review:

Lead single from Eddie C's debut album Parts Unknown. Eddie C has become sort of a cult figure in the slo-mo disco world as he's got his own style of taking familiar disco sounds and transforming them into dark, hypnotic groovers. His loops play just a bit longer, letting your mind sink into the sounds (a great foil to our ADD world). Three strong tracks including "Do It Yourself(1), Pains Inside(2)," and "Dub Me Gwen(3)." Recommended.

Juno Review:

"Do It Yourself" sees Endless Flight offer us and you an opportunity of what to expect from Parts Unknown, Eddie C's forthcoming debut album. The overriding sensation after listening will no doubt be an increase in anticipation! As with the Canadian producer's previous output, the three tracks present ably demonstrate Mr Curelly's almost nonchalant ease for crafting intricately layered disco bumps of varying tempos which are characterised by an inherent live sound. This is most apparent on "Do It Yourself", which is based around a naggingly familiar Philly disco track which never fully reveals itself thanks to the excellence of how Curelly implements it amidst the rasping groove. The tempo drops for "Pains Inside" which gradually unfurls from a bottom heavy groove into a saunter through late night melancholics that's held together by a fragile vocal loop. The sampler ends of a high with the gently undulating electric boogaloo acidisco of "Dub Me Gwen".

"Dub Me Gwen" reviewed by XLR8R

The Endless Flight imprint (one of three labels that make up the Mule Musiq family) is set to release Unknown Parts, the debut LP from burgeoning nu-disco producer Eddie C, and has passed along this cosmic disco number to introduce us to the stylings of the Canadian producer. "Dub Me Gwen" is a deep disco edit, one with a somewhat sluggish step that twists and turns as the track goes through its various movements. Eddie C kindly invites you to drift away as shuffling percussions and space-age synths are joined by chopped and dubbed disco vocals and lush horn samples, all the while keeping the consistent, thumping bass as an anchor to your galactic voyage. A trip to the stars and back indeed, and one we're hoping to do more of when Unknown Parts drops on March 28.D

Beautiful Vision Podcast

Late on this, sorry! I find it very difficult to compute when I am away from home;) Just got back yesterday and getting over some pretty serious jet-lag. Here is a mix I made for the great BEAUTIFUL VISION PODCAST.

Also available for download now from R_CO on Soundcloud!

The mix was RA's Mix of the Day on February 11, 2011.

Posters from the Tour

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Friday in Belfast!

Fruit Punch

Sorry for the delay on this! No time for computing lately... this came out a few weeks back. Was thrilled to be asked to contribute a remix to the works of superb Venezuelan producer Trujillo!

Check it here at PHONICA RECORDS