Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mix for Champloo

With a few weeks off this Christmas I've spent a lot of time working on music and sorting records... endlessly sorting records.  It's enough to make you crazy.  Made a few mixes as well.  This one seemed to suit the mood best this time of year.  Feelings of melancholy, homesickness, sadness, love and joy all rolled into one.  

1. Andras Fox - Mystic Beach (Mexican Summer)
2. Fake Glasses - Dance Hall (Red Motorbike)
3. Old Spice - Pieniadze (The Very Polish Cutouts)
4. Paralel Disko - Egri Bügrü (Disco Hamam)
5. Harald Grosskopf - So Weit, So Gut (Sky)
6. Jonny Nash - Matho (Snaker)
7. Black Merlin - Black Magic Mushrooms (LN-CC)
8. Ptaki - Warsaw (Young Adults)
9. Double Trunk Edits - The Alien pt.1 (Elephone)
10. Antibalas - Tattletale (Daptone)
11. Francis Bebey - Binta Madiallo (Born Bad)
12. Conrad Schnitzler - Tanze Im Regen
13. Almunia - Find My Way (Above Machine)
14. Begin - Bassballs (Begin)
15. Jose Padilla - Solito (Wolf Müller Water Mix) (International Feel)
16. Eddie C - Pampa's Groove (unreleased)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kinfolk, London

2 parties back2back in London. First Kinfolk @ London Fields Pub and then We Are The Sunset @ Hackney Downs

London Fields

Noema perpetually incognito

Norwegian pals Erik and Lars

Sunday roast at the Crooked Billet with Piers and Ray Mang and family

Hackney Downs

Emotional Especial in the place

Found my own way to Gatwick.. I believe this would be the Shard.

Microbe, Moscow

Brand new club, Microbe.  I was their first guest!

View from Hotel Room

Charming Soviet artwork

Impressive architecture on the way to Domodedovo

Delicious lunch with Boris who now lives part-time in Prague

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Parma and Senigallia

Brena at Milano Centrale

Trunk of Funk

Dinner in Parma

Georgio drives us all to Senigallia

Dinner in Senigallia

Poor Marco needs more espresso!

The Mushrooms Project

Cosmic delights at Gratis Club

Bre went for a walk in the morning while I "slept"

Back in Parma for a few days

I'm convinced it's one of the best restaurants in the world

This is the stuff right here!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Digital Deviance vol. 4

I contributed an edit/rework to the new Disco Deviance compilation "Digital Deviance vol. 4" CD.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fiese Remise

Balearic Bigos, Berlin Community Radio

The new location of BCR is very close to where I live now.  I was in the neighbourhood and ran into Zambon on the street when he invited me up for the show one afternoon last week.

RMB Support in Berlin

with Kenji Takimi and Telephones

with Hrdvsion

Zambon and Tiesto

Jaromir (Ptaki)

Marcel Vogel

Justin V

The Mole

Rune Lindbaek

Slow Hands and Tanner Ross

Eric Duncan

Thomas Bullock