Friday, March 28, 2014

Vilnius, Lithuania

a central square

beautiful north-eastern europe

the constitution of the small autonomous town within Vilnius


we 'hiked' up to a fort above the city.  Paulius gave some interesting history lessons including the fact that Lithuania was the last country in Europe to adopt Christianity.  Prior to that, for centuries it was some form of 'Pagan voodoo cult' as he put it.

a view of the city of Vilnius

the party at Studio 9

I was also a guest on their weekly radio show!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Murmansk, Russia

we'll start with the club, which was somewhere around this shed, unveiled after a long pot-holed ride to the industrial part of town.

nice to share the wall!

best bathroom decor!

russian arctic underground in effect

we all carry turntables

view from hotel

polar hotel park inn

outside Sergey's apartment

letterboxes for the building

they all laughed hysterically showing me this children's park

a central square

Kirill "The Captain" showed me this picture of his job which is to load missiles and torpedos aboard atomic submarines.  Many of the people I met were connected in some way to the military or were engineers.

Solyanka is delicious

This was to be a subway at one point but the rock was too difficult to drill and so it is just a small underpass.

walking the bridge across the train tracks

a love tradition the world over

a russian ice breaker

a lonely lantern


passengers arriving at the most northerly train station in the world

the train station

not that interesting, but it's the world's most northerly one.
and they may not have gotten a subway, but they did get a Subway last year.

russian 'bread juice'

at Sergey's house

The Captain insisted on vodka despite everyone else wanting other types of alcohol

photo taken by a fearless russian friend

the dj obstacle course continues

view of the harbour

monument to the defenders of the soviet arcitc

a ship from Norway

a snowy vista

a church on a lake

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Denis Simachev, Moscow

fine decor throughout

cash strewn 

amazing DJs Holkin and The Papers

all girl dancefloor

king DJ Sasha Grishin and manager Sergey

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

North America February Tour

seb, prepared for winter in Quebec

some artwork that was drawn while I played records in DC

skiing with my dad 

on the farm

my cousin Rafe in his workshop

my dad's fireplace

the changing skyline of Yonge St. in Toronto

putting my German pong skills to work against DJ Dry

great party in Toronto! bringing back memories of 20 years ago

a wintery Detroit

Brena beside one of the Heidelberg arson victims

Slows waffle fries weren't everything we dreamt they'd be

riding the Detroit People Mover


Bre and Josh at Woodbridge Pub, home of Slow Jams