Monday, October 27, 2014


hahahah.. Marcel made this flyer after I complained that the other one only had his face on it.

Marcel enters the Thunderdome

We played doubles against the Jamaican chefs

Marcel Vogel at the controls

Rotterdam in effect!

old street cars

very interesting architecture throughout the city

i wonder

what does this mean?? dope shit

Prague, Basement Bar

some nice scenery on the train ride to Prague from Berlin

and just like when you go to Poland.. upon crossing the boarder into Czech all the beers and food become a third of the price and they give out free water bottles and newspapers.  This fantastic dark beer was 1 euro.

Lukas met me at the train station and we went to a great pub before dinner

traditional Czech fare 

weird shit

no photos of the party unfortunately... but it was a delight!

the club was in the basement of the hotel.  there were many american student tourists staying there.  in fact even to Lukas' surprise, the guy at the front desk didn't speak Czech.

Lumberjacks in Hell @ Chalet, Berlin

Bristol, Bodywork

final touches

again, crazy!

basement 45

turns out basement 45 has seen some pretty intense junglism over the years!

must have been a good night as I didn't get any actual pics of the party.. 

ah wait... here are some by someone else...

Dundee, Reading Room

Dicky Trisco at the controls

hard to believe!

reading rooms

DT's selections

at Dave Autodisco's place

he lived in Toronto in the early 90s.  
turns out we went to many of the same parties!

can't begin to explain the significance of this

Thessaloniki, Art House

charming downtown

Komisarios and Ioannis


some excellent artwork

art house

i will have to come back and see a few things during the day time

the shakedown

great vibe!

time-lapse of the whole party

some kind of delicious snack that I barely remember

what a view from their apartment!