Sunday, April 5, 2009

Praise for JISCO 009

DJ History review:

Eddie C – Make It Better (Top 5 new edits April '09)

Just the sort of lovely, loping, looping stuff we’ve come to expect from the Jisco imprint, this time stitched together in the Rockies by Canada’s Eddie C. Make It Better’s the one floating our boat just now but everyone’s a winner with this EP.

Phonica review:

Killer new 12'' from the Jisco camp who seem to have got the art of the edit pinned down to the last detail. Eddie C has just dropped three absolute killer edits that just chug all the way to dancefloor nirvana. Throbbing basslines, thudding kick drums and the obligatory vocal - that's not overbearing though. All in all, yet another great Jisco 12''.

wordandsound review:

Jisco delivers the goods again and stays one step ahead from the rest of the pack with a brilliant three tracker of smoked-out thumping disco edits from canada based Eddie C. these will fly fast again - be quick!

Piccadilly review:

Another killer offering from Jiscomusic, the go-to label for slo-mo, beatdown disco / soul sample house gems. With its looping of spoken female vocal sample ('You're always welcome'), slapping mid-tempo house rhythm and hovering strings "You're Welcome" is sure to set the dancefloor in a trance, giving those backs of a necks a little tingle, leading to a joyous head-rush when the full
track kicks in. Side two opens with "Let Your Mind Be Free", another super uplifting disco-sample cut, with even fatter beats and a bit more urgency in the BPMs. "Make It Better" makes it three three top-notch soul / disco-sample tunes on one 12". You know it's a must-buy!

Clone review:

Phat disco and funk grooves reworked into warm sounding house tracks in the vein of KDJ and the likes. excellent job!

Disco Horror (San Francisco) Review:

In my opinion, Jiscomusic is the best label putting out disco edits right now, and by best I mean consistently fucking amazing. There are plenty of one-off edit labels that may come out strong with a first release and then ride on it's success to impart upon us several releases of a lower caliber that really should never have touched vinyl to begin with. But if it wasn't telling that the third release of the label (I still have yet to track down the first two) introduced us all to Mark E (the new king of dubby disco, who has carved himself a serious corner in the 100-115bpm dance community), the label has consistently been releasing dance floor monsters since, introducing us to such names as The Revenge and 6th Borough Project.

Well now there's a new member to the family and his name is Eddie C. So far the artists on Jisco have all been from the UK, but Eddie C hails from Canada! Woot North America! Anyways, he has supplied three top quality edits to Jisco for it's 9th release, You're Welcome, and I decided to be nice enough to share the BEST ONE with you all instead of being selfish and keeping it for myself and for my mixes. This track sneaks up on you with a hypnotic loopy hum and a lovely guitar riff that lulls you into an unconscious head bob that has you thinkin' "you know house music is pretty rad", and then BOOM that fucking breakdown! DANCE TO THE DISCO BEAT! C'MON! DANCE TO THE DISCO BEAT! And that's when you realize you're having a legitimate freakout at your desk and your coworkers are starting to stare. Be careful with this one as it may set your mind free.

TouchSoul (Dj Gary Pescod and Adrian) UK review:

Gettin deep down and dirty with some funky beats from Eddie C. Taken from the "Your Welcome" 12" released in March on Jisco Music, which has been turning out some great cuts. Check out the other tracks on the vinyl too, couple of sweet disco bombs on there worth your ears attention.

Monsieur Monod (Sleazy Beats Amsterdam) review:

Oh boy, another treat from the sublime Jisco camp. I've been giving Eddie C's record such a heavy rinsing that it's already starting to crackle and pop.

Trax Magazine **top 5** May 2009:

Eddie C. « Make it better »

Extrait de la neuvième référence de Jisco Music, le label du génial Mark E, la formule Jisco est celle de la french-touch renversée : la sensualité de la disco-house, mais avec l’accent mis sur le disco. Plus c’est lent, plus c’est bon. Et puis Eddie nous promet des posts sur le ski sur son blog.

Disco Delicious review:

More balcony/beachside goodness here, but with a different flavour - dreamy drifting house from Eddie C out on Jiscomusic. Never in a rush, this song just grooves along at a leisurely pace without a hint of stress. The soothing vocals just get you floating away. Wait for the last section of the song where a big jazzy groove, still laid back, suddenly kicks in and rides on out for the last couple of minutes. Bliss!

Hrdvsion review:

sweet pal!!!! yeah...i was in this shop here and i saw your record... i just put it straight into the "buy" pile...and then mike shannon was like "oh cool!"...and started walking to the counter super slow... i was like "hahahha no...that's for me...." :)

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