Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DJ mix for JUNE '09

I have been buying a lot of records lately. Been great to get back into buying 'new' music as well, even if it is reworkings of older tunes! Here's some of the past few outings crop! Mixed at home in Banff.

June '09 DJ mix

1. Oneness of Juju - Every Way But Loose (Sutra)
2. Popular People's Front - Listen to the Music (Allenby Chilton Edit)
3. Ray Mang - Phreak - (Edits by Mang)
4. Instant Funk - I Got My Mind Made Up (EC Edit) (Salsoul)
5. Eddie C - Let Your Mind Be Free (Jiscomusic)
6. Casinoboy - Serious (Jiscomusic)
7. The Mole - There's Hope (Internasjonal)
8. Moodymann - Yesterdays (KDJ)
9. Greg Wilson - Booty Dance (GW Imprint)
10. King Sporty - Keep a Burning (Edit) (Combi)
11. Trus'me - Shakea Booty (Prime Numbers)
12. Ray Mang - Bar O' Soap (Edits by Mang)
13. Red Rack'em - Picnic (Revenge remix) (Deep Freeze)
14. Popular People's Front - Stop on By (Leo Zero Edit) (White)
15. Bill Withers - Who is He (Henrick Schwarz unofficial release)
16. Soundstream - Dance With Me (Soundstream)
17. Ashley Beedle - Do the Positive (Nuphonic)
18. The Persuader - Slussen (Erot Dub mix) (Svek)
19. Paul Johnson - The Groove (Peacefrog)
20. Tim Harper - I Feel a Groove (Peacefrog)


  1. Awesome mix Eddie, been hammering it lately. Love the selection at the start and the way it builds. Wicked stuff. Been caning your Jisco release too, it got a superb reaction at our night when I dropped it.
    Any more releases in the pipeline? I think I heard Craig Smith play one on a recent mix, not sure of the name though.


  2. Many thanks Stu! Would be cool to check your night! Had a listen, sounding very good! Keep checking here for new releases... there's a few;)

  3. great mix!!! I like it a lot!!!