Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wax Blend for the Melbourne Deepcast

A bit of nepotism in the mix for some folks down under!

Melbourne Deepcast


01. Koosh - Be Thankful for the Mann (7 Inches of Love)
02. Eddie C - Winelite (7 Inches of Love)
03. Eddie C - My Woman (Wolf Music)
04. Duff Disco - Return of the Duff (Duff Disco)
05. Social Disco Club - Give Me the Sunshine (Disco Deviance)
06. Beatdown Machine - Grooove is on my Mind (Sleazy Beats)
07. Nicolas - Depth of My Soul (Small World Disco)
08. Eddie C - The Show is Over (Endless Flight)
09. Riccio - A - (Super Value Special Edits)
10. Eddie C - Let Your Mind Be Free (Jiscomusic)
11. Cottam - 2B (Cottam)
12. The Revenge - Forever in Their Debt (Pitched Down Mix) (Hometaping)
13. 6th Borough Project - Status Quo (Instruments of Rapture)
14. Prince - Forever in My Life (Moonstew)


  1. hot shit! thanks for posting this. question: is there a tune missing from tracklist? between 7 and 8? it's a funky groover that's just before the new riccio / super value track "tonight". i gotta know what it is...

  2. oh for fucks sake - it's your track "the show is over"

    *face palm*

  3. Thanks! Totally listed it wrong :) Correction made.