Friday, June 25, 2010

Neeves For None

This came out while I was away.
Got to check the wax at a few shops in Japan. Really nice press!

Pick it up at your local shop of one of these fine retailers...


Piccadilly Review:

New York natives John Paul Jones and Ryan Cavanagh make up the band Worst Friends. They’re actually really good friends that now hang out in LA making top notch balearic musica! "Neeves For None" is one of those sublime 21st century, electronic Balearic-house jams - full of live instrumentation, played-in keyboard / synth parts and with a real musical quality to the arrangement. With a brilliant balance of both melancholy and uplifting, "Neeves For None" has all the elements required to soundtrack both a top night out and a lovely drive home. Eddie C goes to town on the subtle, building qualities of the track, extended it over 7+ minutes and letting it bubble under for quite a while before opening up the filters and letting layer upon layer of beautiful synth work cascade against our ears. Bonus track "Del Boca Vista" is just as beautiful. Soft arpeggios, lush guitar licks, driving piano chords and hypnotic slo-mo bongo patterns suck us into a gorgeous Balaeric groover which screams of Ibizan sunsets, tequila sunrises and massive love for your fellow earthlings! Pure, unadultered bliss. Huge twelve!

Phonica Review:

Worst Friends bring their balearic hat and conquer summer in the north of the world! Two laidback, smoothly grooving tracks that are pure bliss, while Eddie C drops probably his best remix to date with "
NEEVES For None".

Feel My Bicep Review:

Another fully sculpted EP on Future Classic, which has been on top form of late. Neve’s For None is a track made with about 80% bliss and 23% sunshine and with Eddie C of Jisco fame on the remix it also brings a lot of party at the 7:15 mark. This isn’t cosmic its something much better…heavy, crisp 909 hats and glitter tinted synths make this track prefect for summer, we love this whole EP.

Simon Spacerock (Space Dust) Review:

“Neve’s For None” is a gorgeous slice of melodic Balearic Disco, which floats like melted butter from a pan out the speakers towards you with – Eddie C – providing a top-notch mix set for any sunset moment.

It’s the kind of stuff you soak up while trying to cool down your sun-beaten skin with chilled, fine wine on a terrace overlooking some distant Robinson Crusoe island while contemplating life, death and why your bank manager hasn’t extended your credit balance!

Can someone please push the wine cooler a bit closer ?


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