Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sleazy Family Sampler OUT NOW!

New SBR comp available now!! Pick it up at one of these fine retailers...

Juno Review:

Good thing there isn't much to do on the Canadian ski slopes during summer, as Eddie C seems to have spent the warmer months knocking out a steady stream of killer releases. The man from Banff has just dropped a delicious new 12" on Hometaping Is Killing Music, and here headlines a four track EP that also boasts new material from SE62, Tornado Wallace and Daniel Solar. Eddie's effort kicks off the A Side, with the deliciously funky rolling rhythms of "Move Me" ably supported by SE62's "Out There", itself drenched in Motor City atmospherics. Flip over for Melbourne's golden boy Lewie Day aka Tornado Wallace, who provides some hazy summer instrumentation on "Stop Holding Back", while the midtempo tropical funk Daniel Solar's "Into My Life" rounds off one of the best samplers we've heard in some time.

Phonica Review:
Amsterdam´s Sleazy Beats Recordings serves up its 4th platter of beatdown disco grooves. Eddie C makes a welcome return to the label with Move Me, a delicious pitched down chugger. Tornado Wallace makes his second appearance on Sleazy Beats with a killer take on Surface´s “Stop Holding Back”. On the flip, Home Taping´s SE62 delivers a heavy rework of a forgotten Willie Hutch track and Daniel Solar (of No More Hits fame) wraps up the EP with a classy, dubby rework of Melba Moore´s ´You Stepped Into My Life´.

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