Friday, December 10, 2010

Francis Inferno Orchestra on UTS

Bit of a late post on this one. I think it came out a week or so ago.
Had a great trip to Australia in November and got to play a few records with Mr. FIO himself at a jam in Melbourne.

Remixes from Soul Clap and yours truly!

Grab yourself a copy!

Juno Review:

The underground disco network operated by Under The Shade reaches out to Australia to showcase the sounds of Francis Disco Inferno. Fans of the Wolf Music and Dikso imprints might be familiar with the work of the young Melbourne based producer, and the rest of you will probably make a mental note to keep your ears peeled for future FDI missives on the potential shown here. There's an inherent warmth to the rich piano melodies that filter through "Meet me In Salt Lake City" but the sloppy drum hits give the track an unpolished idiosyncratic feel that's all too absent from contemporary disco tinged house. Soul Clap drag the track back towards proto house territory with a stripped to the bone warehouse rhythmic thrust running throughout, dark pulses of bass augmented by reverberant key stabs and subaqueous melodies. In contrast, the flipside remix from Eddie C embellishes all the elements, dipping the track in a swathe of delightfully bubbling delay.

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