Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Praise the Roof!

It was my great pleasure to put a selection of deeper techno together for the great people at ROOF.FM

Download and listen here or soundcloud


01. Anton Zap - Captain Storm (Underground Quality)
02. Harvey presents Locussolus - Gunship (I Feel)
03. Mirko Loko - Love Harmonic (Carl Craig Remix) (Cadenza)
04. Reagenz - Keep Buildin' (Workshop)
05. Stephan Laubner - Silent State (Smallville)
06. Reagenz - Dinner With Q (Workshop)
07. Theo Parrish - Synthetic Flemm (Sound Signature)
08. Omar S - Oasis Detroit #1 (FXHE)
09. Paperclip People - Clear and Present (Planet E)
10. Linkwood - System (Prime Numbers)
12. Rhythm & Sound - Outward (Rhythm & Sound)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wax Blend for the Melbourne Deepcast

A bit of nepotism in the mix for some folks down under!

Melbourne Deepcast


01. Koosh - Be Thankful for the Mann (7 Inches of Love)
02. Eddie C - Winelite (7 Inches of Love)
03. Eddie C - My Woman (Wolf Music)
04. Duff Disco - Return of the Duff (Duff Disco)
05. Social Disco Club - Give Me the Sunshine (Disco Deviance)
06. Beatdown Machine - Grooove is on my Mind (Sleazy Beats)
07. Nicolas - Depth of My Soul (Small World Disco)
08. Eddie C - The Show is Over (Endless Flight)
09. Riccio - A - (Super Value Special Edits)
10. Eddie C - Let Your Mind Be Free (Jiscomusic)
11. Cottam - 2B (Cottam)
12. The Revenge - Forever in Their Debt (Pitched Down Mix) (Hometaping)
13. 6th Borough Project - Status Quo (Instruments of Rapture)
14. Prince - Forever in My Life (Moonstew)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Out Now! On Kolour Limited Records from Detroit!

Here's a review from my distinguished colleagues at SBR...

Eddie C, The Canadian crownprince of beatdown disco, strikes again with a magnificent EP on a new offshoot of the most classy Kolour imprint (which has been our favorite American deephouse label for years now). The Kolour crew snapped up three of Eddie´s tracks for a special Kolour Limited 12" (pretty blue vinyl!), and boy what a treat this record is. Sleazotica on the A side is a lush, pitched down moody 9-minute glorious journey(BPM well under 90). On the flip we get ´A Simple Song´, a midtempo chugger wrapped around a vocal loop trying to convince us it´s just a simple song. Yeah right, simple as in ridiculously groovy. My pick of the bunch is the third track on the EP though, ´Rising´, which is a sublime rework of Keni Burke´s Rising to the Top. Eddie has sprinkled his magic dust all over this one and showcases exactly why he´s the hottest name in beatdown disco land.

DJHISTORY review (#2 on New Vinyl chart - May 2010)

Eddie C makes lovely, deep, rolling, disco and house nuggets. He also lives the life of riley in a Canadian ski resort. Here are another three gems thrown together during apre-ski.

Piccadilly Review:

Three track disco edits EP from Canadian producer Eddie C, who has been getting plenty of attention with his releases on Sleazy Beats and Flashback. Title track "Sleazotica" is a slo-mo beatdown jazz-funk groover that sounds like it could have been lifted from a 1970s 'adult' flick. Ooher! Next "A Simple Song" ups the BPMs with a wicked looped-up vocal and house tempo rhythm - blimey, it's the return of the musch-loved filter disco-house sound! The real biggie is on the flipside though, as Eddie nabs the bassline from Keni Burke's classic "Rising To The Top" and does a Revenge-style looped-up disco number (but a tad faster). Put it on yer list!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gran Mostacho Interview + Mix

Had a nice interview + mix request from these great people over in Barcelona.