Sunday, April 3, 2011


I am proud to announce the worldwide release of my first full-length album "Parts Unknown" on Endless Flight Records!

CD and 3 X 12" available at most fine retailers.

Please check it at some of my favorites...

Rush Hour
Treehouse Edmonton

**note: first 2 12"s are available now, 3rd 12" will be released in mid-April.

Some reviews...


Is their a big disco cabin in the rural landscape around the Rocky Mountains? Do the locals raise their arms to sweaty House music every now and then? Well – nothing is proven but one thing is for sure: the Canadian Edward Currelly aka Eddie C is producing loop-heavy disco grooves and cosmic rhythm sensations under the peak of the mountains in the province of Alberta like he is right in the middle of the hottest club scene on the planet. Since 2009 the man from the little town Banff caused world-wide sensation with delicate crafted releases on labels such as Sleazy Beats Recordings, 7 inches Of Love, or Endless Flight - all massif supported by DJ's like Laurent Garnier or Dimitri from Paris. They all fell rapidly in love with his gifted talent to produce tracks that constantly transport a playful musicality - a quality that is less and less often to hear in contemporary dance music culture. No wonder that Eddie C. was soon out and about, playing much parts of 2010 far away from home in countries like Japan, France, England, Australia, or Germany testing his grooves on the dancefloors around the globe. Beyond that he did also some awe-inspiring remixes for such artists like Worst Friends from New York or the Tokyo based funk-jazz-fusion-band 9dw, who all underpin that Eddie C's is not just a flash in the pan. In spite of a full appointment book the passionate record collector made it possible to spent as much time as he can afford in his tiny homestudio. The result of this focused attitude to work now sees the light of the day with his first longplayer "Unknown Parts" on Endless Flight records. With eleven tracks he boogie deep down into Disco science, crosses string-loaded House territories, and enters dubby worlds full of gently tripping atmospheres. Above all his right touch for thrilling melodies in basslines and synthesizer sequences are crowning his debut to a longplayer full of timeless deepness. Sometimes he hi-jacks his audience with vocal samples that rapidly loop in the head forever. Also the use of instruments like guitars and percussions enthrall with warm soulful emotions. No matter if it is Disco, House, or Cosmic: above each style he deals with Funk is the king. Thats why even the slow and moody moments of his 71 minutes long trip are made to shake a leg. Also with any melody and groove that he produced Eddi C tells that he is behind the decks already since more then 20 years, spreading in his local peergroub music from all dedaces and genres. That he now starts a late career as a producer makes him special, because his big knowledge of the Jazz, Funk, Soul, Disco, Techno, and House history injects his arrangements some deepness that got real scarcity value. But enough words: Eddie C made a record that comes around to listen to. And anyone who will take some time to do it will get Halycon days full of propulsive rhythms, that always whip gently tangentially.

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