Thursday, August 18, 2011

NYC, Philly + Boston this weekend!


  1. Eddie C,

    Did you do a radio show on CKMS at U Waterloo back in the mid-late 90s? I've dug your releases on Wolf Music and stumbled across your Resident Advisor profile which had you down as Canadian and have just now checked out this blog and something vaguely tweaked in my hazy memory- maybe I kind of know this guy (or at least who this guy is)!

    Anyway, I also did a show on CKMS back in the day and now do a show in Toronto on CIUT fm. And if you're not the same guy I'm thinking of- well your tunes are still dope!

    Say hi to Colin (the Mole) for me,


  2. Hi Alan,

    Yes, that was me. Excellent detective work ;)
    Glad you're enjoying the tunes!
    Some more historical CKMS related info if you're interested...
    I loved CIUT back when I lived in Ontario. Always wanted a show on there! I'm jealous! Will check your show!