Sunday, October 2, 2011


A great goal of mine has finally been realized and only days before leaving Canada. The only thing that is missing is the motorbike! I had to settle for my early 80s Peugeot road bike. I have only visited a few record shops and sold some small batches to my favourite online shops so far, but the most important one for me was Play de Record in Toronto. (See the photo in the previous post - 'hustling'). I have been shopping there since they opened in 1990. It is now one of Toronto's and frankly Canada's last remaining shops that carry NEW vinyl. I used to sell mix tapes there in the 90s which was also very satisfying and allowed me to afford more records than usual at the time! It was a pleasure for me to personally deliver copies of this seven inch along with copies of the new Common Edit record directly to Jason Palma, now co-owner of the shop who has been there since the beginning and is one of Toronto's most highly respected jocks. Red Motorbike 001 contains tunes that were destined for the 7 Inches of Love series before it was decided best to leave the label at 7 releases total. They were pressed at Archer in Detroit and hand stamped at my house in Banff and at Dane's house in Edmonton. I hope you enjoy it, there are many more to come in the series and I hope I get to sell one to you personally. "I don't give rekkad! I sell rekkad!"