Tuesday, April 16, 2013

24 Hours of Vinyl

Here's a recording from a great party in Montreal recently!
24 Hours of Vinyl at Le Bleury - Bar a Vinyle courtesy of Music is My Sanctuary.
Don't mind the wobbliness! Because of the wooden dancefloor the turntables are protected from vibrations by tucking the feet into elastic band covered rolls of duct tape.  Never seen that technique before!!


  1. I use racquetballs cut in half when out and about....this maybe a nice solution for my living room. You could get colored rubberbands and make it kinda nice too. Were the tables bouncy at all?

  2. Quite! not really suitable for scratching.. or recording for that matter!

    The best I've come across is whole racquetballs underneath slabs of concrete.

    The worst was: turntables on a piece of plywood on top of a metal ladder on two wooden saw-horses on a wooden dance floor.