Thursday, November 21, 2013

Flyers from USA/CAN November Tour

backroom of Mike B's shop Vinyl Dreams in San Francisco

Corry visiting with me at the Standard Hotel, Los Angeles

A Club Called Rhonda

Me and Nicky Siano


Dane heads to the rink

Jeremy's house in Detroit where I stayed for a week

The Red Bull House Of Art

Detroit knows what's up, TV Lounge

ain't no party like a Detroit party, TV Lounge

Josh's car

random marching band on the street near Eastern Market

Eastern Market

I bought maple syrup from the guy with the beard.  
He claimed it was even better than Canadian syrup.



a great lasagna dinner with friends

a night out at Motor City Wine

Alton Miller at the controls

The world famous Howard Theatre in Washington DC

friends Tatiana and Graham

a house near their place

beautiful morning in the nation's capital.

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