Thursday, November 28, 2013


Coops opened with some great Japanese style slomo.

playing one of my early ones

Move D played after me

Mark E runnin' tings in the other room

early morning at Beigel Bake, on Brick Lane

somehow I remember eating this once before...


Sasha from Moscow, 7am at Farbfernseher, Berlin.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013


They're calling Leipzig the 'new Berlin'.  The people in Leipzig are calling it Hype-zig.
I will say it was certainly one of the best parties I've ever played in Germany.

Flyers from USA/CAN November Tour

backroom of Mike B's shop Vinyl Dreams in San Francisco

Corry visiting with me at the Standard Hotel, Los Angeles

A Club Called Rhonda

Me and Nicky Siano


Dane heads to the rink

Jeremy's house in Detroit where I stayed for a week

The Red Bull House Of Art

Detroit knows what's up, TV Lounge

ain't no party like a Detroit party, TV Lounge

Josh's car

random marching band on the street near Eastern Market

Eastern Market

I bought maple syrup from the guy with the beard.  
He claimed it was even better than Canadian syrup.



a great lasagna dinner with friends

a night out at Motor City Wine

Alton Miller at the controls

The world famous Howard Theatre in Washington DC

friends Tatiana and Graham

a house near their place

beautiful morning in the nation's capital.