Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tel Aviv

plenty of leg room and an invisible tray table on turkish airlines which was otherwise a pleasure!

sharing a wall with Barrington!

welcome to Israel, here's your hummus! 

another great apartment find by Brena!

a juxtaposing city-scape

crazy amounts of flower bushes

carmel market

folks on a pier

one of many mediterranean sunsets

Elad Ron at the controls

hahaha! king dj Elad Ron

we took the same photo on a trip in '99

and here too!

lots of fresh juice!

a walk to Jaffa

view of Tel Aviv from Jaffa

this place has the best hummus in the world

and there it is. yum!

around Jaffa

the container is a great place to hang out

a walk through old Jaffa

some Palestinians taking a dip

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