Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tokyo and Hiroshima

Seiji and Seiji, about 3am in Tokyo after my first time on Dommune.

Interview at creative hot spot Hatos Bar, Tokyo.

View from Excel Hotel in Shibuya.

Obligatory Japanese dinner shot

Seiji took me to Womb to see Todd Terje live and Force of Nature!

That's a soccer field on top of a sky scraper.

On Inter FM with Japanese Hip Hop broadcast legends...

and Peanut Butter Wolf!

Gerd Janson tries some baby squid.   

The records

Chari Chari first time live in 10 years! Beautiful!!

Crowd for Harvey at Ageha

Saki with Tiger and Woods

The Takimis

Friends at Ageha

Grande maestro Harvey DJ with fan 

Kenji's driver took us back to Shibuya

Welcome to Hiroshima!

Ate many parts of the chicken

Red Motorbike fans at Cafe Jamaica

Peace Park - this building was the target for the atomic bomb. 
100 times creepier than any war related relics or monuments I've seen in Berlin.

Never mind the war, Mmm!! Bento Box lunch with fried chicken!


an old street car

Stereo Records, Hiroshima

I was on the news!

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