Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Canada/US Tour Fall 2014

some Polish vodka for my gracious hosts in Toronto, some promos, gifts, utensils and necessities for travel.

Toronto @ Bambi's

Montreal @ Le Bleury

Nashville @ Citizen

Washington DC @ Zeba

Couldn't find the flyer for TV... Detroit

And not so many pics this time.. just a couple from back home.

this pic taken during an interview that I didn't really expect after a night of no sleep in Montreal.
A great reunion with old friends from Kitchener I hadn't seen in years in Toronto, followed by a long train ride to Montreal on Hallowe'en.  The interview was for a documentary on Patrick Adams.  I felt as though I should have known that and prepared accordingly!  Learned he was behind the production of the first 12" I ever bought... I had no idea.  Anyhow, it will be interesting to see the footage. 

I arrived home for a visit with my family to the death of our beloved cat Sasha who lived with Brena and me for 15 years and had been staying with my dad since our move to Berlin.  Incredibly she passed in her sleep the night before I arrived.  This is the last pic I have of us together.

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