Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bike 012

The rapid-fire follow up to High Road

Bike 012

Eddie C - The Day Will Come
Eddie C - Moonrings

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Phonica Review:
After revving and rocking at the Hells Angels disco for the "High Road" compilation, the Red Motorbike tears off down the highway for another 7" excursion. Main man Eddie C is at the controls, seducing us with two chopped and dropped loopers designed with the dancefloor in mind. On the A-side, "The Day Will Come" packs a proper emotional punch, marrying soulful vocals, soaring strings and subtle piano over a solid MPC beat. It's proper head nodding, hands aloft tackle for the tail end of the night. "Moonrings" sees Eddie switch it up a little, submerging a strangely circular bit of jazz fusion under a whole load of filters and dub fx to lock us into the wonkiest dancefloor groove you've ever heard. If you like your disco dubbed and skewed, this is the beat for you!

Juno Review:
Two more delicious roadtrips from the Red Motorbike founder and spiritual leader Eddie C: "The Day Will Come" is a lilting, sample-heavy head-nodder that develops its own stop/start momentum as the deftly sliced strings and vocals are recontextualised to great effect. "Moonrings" is a more floor-focused dub disco affair as the chugging groove lets the guitars ripple, the keys skitter and scatter and the flutes waft trippily into the ether. Get the motor running... this one's a keeper.

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