Tuesday, October 20, 2015

MTL,QC,TO,LA (May'15)

7 Inches of Door at Le Bleury, by Cristobal

Sebby in the morning

Went to QC - gig was good - had a flight to TO then to DET the next morning.  Flight was delayed, then delayed again then cancelled.  Waited around for a while to no avail.  After a few more lines was sent to a pretty nice hotel but alas not the Motor City Casino.

Didn't get much sleep due to sheer frustration.. tried to make conversation with the Aussie bar tender at the too-fancy "bar n' grill" in the hotel.. turns out we had virtually nothing in common.  Strange when that happens. 

Chateau Frontenac

Old QC is pretty old.. but not really that old actually.

Somehow doesn't feel legit

Pretty nice though..

Awesome French Canadian lunch

Eventually made it to Toronto for a rest with family

Hung out in Kensington

Met up with these hosers


ride of the dorks

Gooderham & Worts

Ended up at some artificial spit/cement beach and found a geo-cache thing

worst/best name/logo for a government operated business ever?

Benvie always shows up too

Then I went to LA for a night... Pretty fun gig with Sarcastic Paul!


  1. Virtually nothing in common...to funny.

  2. NOTHING. Going on about how he moved to Quebec for the girls.. and are were there any girls at the party in Quebec...