Wednesday, March 16, 2016

7 years on wax + Red Motorbike 014

It's been 7 years since my first outing on vinyl!

Continuing to stoke the fire with this new 12" offering on Red Motorbike.

Frasier - Into My Dub
Eddie C - From Afar
Koosh - Way Out Of It Man

Juno Review:
The red engine's revving once again, and it's big enough to seat three men. Chief label racer Eddie C lays down a cosmic strut of eastern proportions with kaleidoscope whirls of kicks, pads and sitars. Joining him are familiar riders (Koosh) and new (Fraiser). The former lays down a bad trip DJ tool, all highs and cries and strange dubby textures. The latter provides the centrepiece: a chugging stately groove that opens up into pure sunshine soul when you least expect it.

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