Monday, November 16, 2009

Chuck D in Banff

Incredibly, 2 nights ago, here in Banff, population 8000, Public Enemy was billed to play at a 150 capacity venue. It was an invite only party sponsored by a radio station out of Calgary. I knew Chuck D would be the only original member in attendance, but I had to find a way to check this out! Somehow I found my way in and was able to have a few words with Chuck in person and got him to sign my copies of "Terrordome" and "Bassheads". Like most guys my age who listen to music, Public Enemy was an enormous inspiration musically and informatively. Although Run DMC did it for me first, PE, and specifically Bomb Squad production, solidified my addiction to music forever. I've seen PE three times in the last 15 or so years and Chuck still bumrushed that shit believe me. I don't have any pics or recordings of the night here in town but I thought I'd share an incredible video of PE live on Soul Train in 1987 doing Rebel Without a Pause, a tune that still gives me serious goosebumps. I know it's lip-synched but the energy is off the meters, and the interview with Don at the end is pure gold. Enjoy...

PE on Soul Train 1987

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