Friday, December 11, 2009

7 Inches of Love 3 + 4

The new crop of limited edition 45s from The Mole, Ted Pilsner, Koosh and myself have landed exclusively at Hardwax in Berlin this week. Available elsewhere soon!

Love 003
A. Eddie C - Winelite
B. El Molito - X to Omega

Love 004
A. Koosh - We Want Your Freedom
B. Ted Pilsner - Bad Spray


  1. Sounds great! Especially Winelite and the FM edit. Gonna include this in my next Juno order.

  2. Wow, you have a lot of new releases, way to go!

  3. thanx for the new stuff, 7"... # 1 and 2 get a play every weekend, as will these little beauties.
    Bagged and in santas's express post for New Years play in the Aussie bush!!!!!!!

  4. Any word on when Juno might be getting these?

    I've been holding off on an order for these to come in :0)

  5. Here's the deal... Hardwax bought them all outright, right off the back of Colin's cb200. So it's really up to them where they go from there. Last I heard, they're holding them for a bit, but you never know:)