Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silver Magic Airways Interview + Mix

Learned to "Skype" for this interview. Have had plugged ears this week from an extended head cold brought on no doubt from the beautiful Berlin weather this time of year. Getting a bit better now, but it's been an adventure with ear drops and that mini turkey baster thing trying to hear properly again... sounds like I'm yelling a bit in the interview.

The 1 hour mix is a snippet from my recent 8 hour set in Tokyo.


  1. Interview is awesome bredren. You sound great.
    Peace + Protection

  2. Cheers yo! I played your record on the radio in London last weekend. Thanks again!

  3. There will be more coming your way. One of which will be a Hip-Hop 7" soon.

  4. Thank you! I was thinking of doing a similar project. Extremely limited though ;)