Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cardiff, Studio 89

Ben Price opening up at the controls of their self-made club.  This was their first time using the car park outside for a day party.  The night jam followed inside in the basement of an old antiques building.  

around 10pm outside

some party pics from friends in Cardiff:

I really thought I'd make it to bed early, but again it didn't happen.
What a delight to be woken at 8am by the sound of cement being sliced with a saw.

Up and at 'em! Cardiff is pretty nice!  I had some coffee and some pasties? (pies).

Then tried to sleep in this park.
What a beautiful day it was.. the sight of perfect families playing soccer and having a picnic near by was too much.  Had to walk it off.  Stumbled upon a party that Rick Wade was to play later on in the garden of a pub, but had to make it back to the airport.

And what a gift!

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