Wednesday, June 11, 2014


pretty much the only photo I took in SF while trying to sleep in this park.  Jet lag was heavy this time around for some reason and sleep was very difficult.

Sammy's apartment in Portland where I stayed for a few days.  I was still getting only about 2 hours of sleep per night/day.  While I was in Portland there was also an E-Coli outbreak in the water which caused my already delusional brain to panic further.  I basically sat on that couch and listened to my new Jon Hassell record most of the time.

when I did make it out of the house we visited Sammy's friends up in the hills.

dude had a very nice studio.

which included this bit of gear salvaged from the actual Motown studio in Detroit!

great digging with my pal Corry

a painting of the 808 by Egyptian Lover commissioned for the shop 

sharing the wall with more metal 

Detroit deserves a separate post all together.

drove from Detroit to Philly with friends.  Here I am at the Liberty Bell.  I did not however manage to visit where they make the cream cheese.

Philly International!

Downtown Philly

where Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff went to high school

on Love Den radio

tacos with Yoko!

Philadelphia wilderness

a great jam down by the river

around North Philly

a pizza shop in North Philly

Morgan's Pier

last stop Edmonton - Dane, at the Common

long time friends Brendan and Penni from Banff

country living with Dane

Mennonite burgers on the way out

view of Toronto on the way back.  flew right along the lake shore and was even able to see my dad's farm from the air for the first time!

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