Monday, March 23, 2015


Pretty much ready to go!  This cassette is a special 'bonus' or pre-release to the forthcoming 2xLP HIGH ROAD on Red Motorbike Records.  

LOW ROAD contains unreleased music by Eddie C not appearing on the vinyl version and also features tracks by Koosh, Dane & Khotin and Cem G.
Lightly 'mixed' by Eddie C.

Side A

Koosh - I'm Going Down
Eddie C - Fenyek
Eddie C - The Sign
Eddie C - Mulato
Eddie C - Amusli 
Eddie C - On The Road

Side B

Eddie C - One For Dane (forthcoming on Common Edit)
Khotin & Dane - Pa Pa Pa Paa (Red Motorbike)
Eddie C - Mistaya
Eddie C - Sun Drenched Hills (forthcoming on Crue-L Records)
Cem G - Don't Go (Red Motorbike)

I'm taking a bunch up to Oye Records in Berlin today.

Write to me if you would like one! 

10 euros includes shipping anywhere in the world.

Comment here or send a message on the facebook or something...

50 copies available.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi jkb! please write to me at


  2. hey Eddie...

    Just emailing you on the off chance that I can buy one of these tapes direct from your good self?? Nothing ventured and all that!

    Loving the fine continued output by the way - Yourself and Cem G are doing it for me. Spot on.


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