Thursday, March 19, 2015

Trondheim & Oslo

Old streets in Trondheim.  There was to be a highway built through this part of the city but protests preserved the old town.

stick a packet of this under your lip

DJ Dennis warms up the house

Trondheim! What started off as a room full of female handball players ended up being pretty great!


their 'Notre Dame'

Den Siste Viking

The remains of a giant anchor in the factory district and shipyards.  Most of the old buildings have been torn down in this area to make way for condos, 7-11 and Pepe's Pizza but a few beautiful brick structures remain.  Norwegians love mediocre pizza and tacos.

need to clean the lens on my 80 euro point'n'shoot

giant chandelier outside Ingensteds in Oslo

pretty exceptional band opened up the night.  the lead singer and crowd showed off some impressive early 90s dance moves.

living room ambiance at Ingensteds

a cross-section of Oslo

Ingensteds means 'Nowhere' in a manner of speaking

B.G. Baarregaard, Finn (Rulefinn) and me

a little bit of Oslo before taking off

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