Friday, December 4, 2015

Belarus, Aug '15

one of the only English words my driver friend knew was 'selfie'.

we stopped at his apartment in Minsk.. i think it was his apartment.

this girl was there with a guy with no shirt on and she wanted to sing for me!

downtown Minsk selfie!

some great dark Belarusian beer

and delicious cold borscht

Niasvizh Castle where I stayed one night


Donut breakfast, yum!

walking around the beautiful grounds

pretty good digging at the festival!

Belarusian money is of very little value.. I don't think they have coins anymore.
For good luck they throw bills into the fountain.

The Very Soviet Hot Dog

Mir Castle, near the party

Sergey Funkyjaws and I get some traditional fare

Belarus is down with Red Motorbike!

Great live music at the festival


Pig and potato is popular anywhere Germany and East..

Funkyjaws at the controls

Some friends from Murmansk showed up

super fun!

Beautiful Visions in effect


  1. What is the 2nd pic of the smokey grassy hill?

  2. is 'selfie'! I have no idea... some soviet monument... on fire perhaps?