Thursday, December 3, 2015

Summer in USA

Belden Town

My German roommates 

Axel saves the day

supporting Red Motorbike to the maximum!

Record Graveyard, Detroit

Soren drives

a flat in the D is no fun

Rob was there for a visit from Toronto!

Without question the worst beer I've ever had.  Flat and warm Bud Light on tap at a bowling alley in Detroit with lipstick stained rim.  Only $2!

We went to the Heidelberg

My Baby at TV

Graham Jackson was there in spirit

I also went to DC but have only these pics apparently.. from Bump N' Grind!

Can't remember how I got to New York.. plane to Newark likely.. then a few hour bus ride from a Jewish Deli to the Hamptons darling.

sitting on the dock of the bay without a phone wondering what to do

ah, clearly I was supposed to take the ferry and get a ride in this machine


the Pridwin, Shelter Island, great!

I got a massage in a trailer

this was the dude! nice tunes, nice headphones

pretty fun!

rainy the next morning for breakfast, lovely


  1. I'd like to get some records in BnG. Great pics as always.

  2. :) It's good there! You should play for those guys.
    Also, I'm getting a second copy of that B-Jam edit of "When I'm With You" for a friend. He wanted the OG but I can't find it anywhere..